> House on Limekiln Line
> Limekiln Grid
> Nathan Phillips Square
> Dublin Grounds of Remembrance
> Peripheral Sitings
> Topophilia
> Clouds, Vortices & Plumes
> Exothermic Landscape
> Drawing Energy 1
> Drawing Energy 2
> Drawing Energy 3
> Fill, Flow, Track on the Isle of Rum
> Digital Ecologies: Contamination

> Retooling Cockenzie Power Station
> Sand, Silt, Salt, Water
> Streamlining Models
> Streamlined Models
> Thermal Plume Models


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Dublin Grounds of Remembrance | PLANT Architect, Senior Designer | 2006-2008
This first-place winning competition scheme to design a Veterans' Memorial in Dublin, Ohio on a 1.3 acre site operates at the individual and collective scale. The entry, continuous perimeter walk and memory wall mark the individual journal. A grove of sycamore trees and adjacent loggia mark a place for collective gathering. Standing-seam copper-clad loggia, waterjet-cut bronze poem wall, extruded bronze guiderail and engraved limestone walls create a material palette that weathers, patinas, erodes, inviting tactile engagement and marking the passage of time. Credits: PLANT Architect and Steven Evans.