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> Dublin Grounds of Remembrance
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> Exothermic Landscape
> Drawing Energy 1
> Drawing Energy 2
> Drawing Energy 3
> Fill, Flow, Track on the Isle of Rum
> Digital Ecologies: Contamination

> Retooling Cockenzie Power Station
> Sand, Silt, Salt, Water
> Streamlining Models
> Streamlined Models
> Thermal Plume Models


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Fresh Kills Exothermic Landscape | LAGI Fresh Kills Competition Entry | 2012
Freshkills Exothermic Landscape visually and experientially registers the thermal subterranean, ground level and aerial topographies of the constructed landscape of FreshKills park. The proposal, a series of site specific strategies, generates electricity, makes existing methane production visible, and activates a series of thermal events that draw from distinct microclimate conditions of the constructed topography and heat emitting surface of the landfill. Hot meets cold. Blur meets clear. Static meets sway. Turbulence meets calm. Design assistance: Maria Esteban Casanas, Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling: Alastair Patterson.