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> Limekiln Grid
> Nathan Phillips Square
> Dublin Grounds of Remembrance
> Peripheral Sitings
> Topophilia
> Clouds, Vortices & Plumes
> Exothermic Landscape
> Drawing Energy 1
> Drawing Energy 2
> Drawing Energy 3
> Fill, Flow, Track on the Isle of Rum
> Digital Ecologies: Contamination

> Retooling Cockenzie Power Station
> Sand, Silt, Salt, Water
> Streamlining Models
> Streamlined Models
> Thermal Plume Models


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Topophilia | Metaphysical Institute | Art City Calgary Competition, 2nd Place 2008
The project developed from a material study and an experiential aspiration. A series of fabric casts register membrane deformation. As the weave of the fabric stretched in tension, an unexpected secondary cast formed, crystallized water drop pools below. Water collection and dissipation, surface tension, and shifting topographies became spatial devices that temper perception of immediate and distant environmental conditions. An undulating cast roof topography collects and filters sky, water, sun, wind and shelters both intimate reflective spaces and communal celebratory spaces below. The slow erosion of stone by water and fast filtration of sun and wind pace time. The building signals itself to the city by offering back its reflection through a roof reflecting pool.